Origin: Northern Spain

Colour: Blue/Grey

Texture and Appearance: A textured surface with traditional dressed edges and some small inert inclusions, which give a unique character to this slate. This slate will weather with the UK climate.

Quality: ISS provide the Cabrera slate in a standard quality having been through the most stringent selection process, whilst also being tested to the current British and European requirements. The chemical test for the Cabrera slate indicated that a standard certificate should be given. However, the selection process for the Cabrera is one of the highest from this quarry, giving consistent slate thicknesses in each crate, which represents the sign of a quality rock in respect of workability.

Slates Thickness: The Cabrera is 4-7mm in thickness.

A very workable slate that has some pyrite inclusions that will weather in the UK environment. A very competitively priced slate; which with correct workmanship, will enhance any roof design.

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