Origin: Leicester is sourced from Leon in Spain.

Colour: Blue/Black

Texture and Appearance: A light textured surface with traditional dressed edges, this slate contains some small inert inclusions which gives a unique character to this quality slate.

Quality: ISS provide the Leicester slate in a prime quality, having been through the most stringent selection process whilst also being tested to the current British and European requirements.

Slates Thickness: Leicester is 4-7mm in thickness.

Sourced from Leon in Spain, the Leicester slate is dark in colour with small pyrites, which are stable and guaranteed against oxidisation. The Leicester is a good quality slate, of a slightly thinner selection, which is offered at a competitive price and therefore provides great value for money. This slate is very easy to work with, lending itself to any roof type or design. The Leicester also holds an ISO-14001 Certification, which demonstrates the high level of environmental responsibility we and our quarry owners adopt. ISS have been marketing and supplying Leicester slate throughout the UK for over 20 years, proving popular in many coastal areas.

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