Origin: Zamora is a Spanish slate from the Galicia region.

Colour: Blue/Grey

Texture and Appearance: A light textured surface with traditional dressed edges, the Zamora contains some small inert inclusions, which gives a unique character to this quality slate.

Quality: ISS provide the Zamora slate in a prime quality having been through the most stringent selection process, whilst also being tested to the current British and European requirements.

Slates Thickness: In addition to the popular 4-7mm thickness, the Zamora is produced in a heavy grade (7-9mm), which is suitable for the northern England and Scottish markets.

A medium dark slate from the Zamora region of Galicia, which is located to the south east of the main producing areas. The Zamora is an easy slate to work with and is particularly suited for complicated roof areas, which require significant amounts of cutting and detailing.

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