Secret Fixing Kit

Secret Fixing KitThis device is for use when replacing a broken slate, or slates removed after solar panel bracket mounting, roof light/window installation, or slate vent installation.

It fits between the slates, hooking over the top of the course below. Two nail fixing points are offered. The nail fixing to be used is dependent on size of slate headlap. Once a nail fixing is applied through one of the wire loops, the device is secure and lateral movement is prevented.

The large loop comprises an upward biased spring that remains in contact with the underside of the object slate whilst disappearing between the two slates underneath. The underside contact prevents the hookpull pulling off the Slate Repair Hook. For more details on fitting see the product brochure.

Benefits -

  • Does away with unsightly lead straps which give the impression that a roof is unsafe and prone to further problems
  • Older buildings can keep their original appearance.
  • Failsafe - properly installed it cannot fail
  • Fit and forget - Once installed no need to return to the job to repair.

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